Talent Concept

"Towering trees, began in the seed", in the knowledge economy era, enterprise is no longer the most important resources of land, capital or labor, but human resources. Talent resources are the core of knowledge economy, the nature of competition is talented person's wits. Create opportunities for employees is the responsibility of the good, that is not only concern and respect every employee, to meet the requirements of the staff on the spiritual and material, pay more attention to excavate the potential of employees.

High treatment, high quality, high pressure is a good the employing the principle of "three highs". Phase is to create a realistic and enterprising, fair and just, honest rapport, team cooperation organization atmosphere, and to the sustainable development of the company as a solid foundation of employee commitment, and employee grow together, share success, to create a vision. Good break the routine, is not only academic ability, is not only qualified performance, through the establishment of a set of specifications of the candidates, and education, retention mechanism and the incentive constraints mechanism of choose and employ persons, really can be use, men, and use.

New passion, a new journey. Good sincerely look forward to your joining, as long as you have the following quality to join:

The good faith quality

Small win in wisdom, big win virtue. Phase advocacy can be use, and pay more attention to the employee's integrity and moral character, "character first, the ability to take second place" is the enterprise basic starting point of choose and employ persons. Phase not hire any conduct is not the one, and even the ability to work again.

Team spirit

Phase good exalt the team concept of "single tree forest", the applicant can put personal ability and behavior and the enterprise needs to unify, can know wisely from overall situation, seek more common grounds while reserving differences would be one of the focus of enterprises.

Development potential

Phase attaches importance to the candidate's comprehensive quality, more weight is given to the future development potential. Building professional team is given direction of personnel training, and whether the applicant has the development potential is going to be another focus.

The ability to learn

Phase good attaches great importance to the employees' ability to learn far more than learning content, the learning ability of the talents on progress and innovation ability, and not just rely on past experience. In a good, strong thirst for knowledge will be the candidate won a key cog.

Unity of

Good, enterprise culture, the values and the pursuit of excellence, whether the applicant identity and adapt, can agree that adapted to the lasting being carried out, it is the applicant or after become employees unity of long-term test.

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